MyNotes - Moodle Links with Live@edu

Pretty amazing that Microsoft Live now integrates with Moodle...will that integration be easier than Google's integration of Moodle?

    • Microsoft is bringing its widely adopted Live@edu collaboration suite to Moodle, the open source learning management system (LMS) that's installed at more than 35,000 registered, validated sites worldwide.

    • Through a new plugin developed by Microsoft and released today, Moodle users will be able to take direct advantage of Live@edu features, including calendaring, search, e-mail, shared workspaces, storage, and instant messaging.

    • with one Live@edu login, [users will] be able to utilize all of the flexibility that Moodle presents as a learning management system, along with the collaboration/communication capabilities of Live@edu."

    • Live@edu is Microsoft's free portal, communications, and collaboration suite for education. The cross-platform service provides a range of hosted solutions for education institutions, including mail (with 10 GB per user), Windows Live SkyDrive storage (25 GB), and Office Live Workspace collaboration and document sharing, among others. According to Microsoft, it's now in use by more than 9 million students worldwide.

    • With more than 24 million users participating in more than 2.2 million courses, Moodle is generally recognized as the most popular learning management system on the market, open source or otherwise. It supports both small and large deployments (with several sites well beyond 100,000 users) and includes course management tools, various Web 2.0 technologies, online assessments, and other features common to learning management systems.

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Anonymous said…
I think it very important to convey that while some may be using Live@edu with students, there still aren't any K12 focused safety, control, and notification pieces available in the system. I would also think that of the 9 million purported students using, a minuscule percentage are actually in the U.S.

Though, I would agree many will benefit from products integrating via modules, etc. with these great LMS/CMS platforms.

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