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Below are some of Diana Benner's notes--thanks to Diana for this work!--on the webinar held earlier today about Texas ePlanning. Definitely worth checking out the site at

It's definitely worth reading ALL the notes.


    • E-Rate: Tech Plan & STaR Chart Workshop

      • Demographics, superintendent, principals, etc list should be updated during the summer - just to get a jump start
      • Eplan site will be SHUT down this year at the end of July and during the month of August for annual maintenance

      • We are currently in Year 13 - A plan must be developed this summer
      • Districts must correlate objectives with USAC Erate and TLRPT in eplan
      • Plan must be board approved and/or notarized
      • Plan must contain a sufficient level of detail to validate an Erate request

      • A Superintendent's signature and date can qualify as proof of "written"
      • USAC wants to know how much money the district is spending on technology (not counting erate) overview_erate.png
      • Districts must be able to prove that the eplan aligns with what is stated on Form 470

    • Logs, spreadsheets that document professional development must be kept for 5 years

      • Districts need to be prepared to show proof of pd if asked
      • A minimum of 25% of budget must go to staff development in order to meet the requirements for Title IID

      • Purpose of the Teacher STaR Chart
        • to assist in the measurement of district's effort to improve student learning through technology
        • to be used as a needs assessment for future pd
        • help teachers determine their progress towards meeting LRPT as well as district goals.
      • Purpose of the Admin STaR Chart
        • To assist with Technology plan writing
        • Help set benchmarks, goal

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