Thursday, May 7, 2009

TEC-SIG 05/2009 - Will Richardson Keynote

Listening to Will Richardson again...

View his presentation on uStream (TECSIG TV)

David Warlick has shared that these presentations are experiences that you create for your audience. Will Richardson's presentation style accomplished this for me, through a series of web sites and points offered too quickly except to be absorbed as an experience.

All that to say, I had a tough time taking notes on Will's preso. I was captivated by his ideas too much to take notes. So, below are my imperfect notes....

5.  Will Richardson

  • View uStream at
  • This is an example of what the world looks like…it’s an anywhere/anytime, you can sit in on PD from anywhere…it’s a world where the connections we need to make.
  • Challenges new technologies present for individual learners, technology, parents…keep track of the things you want to talk about.

5.1  Web sites

5.2  Random Notes

  • In 2007, Laura do one good deed a day to honor her grandfather’s life.
    • 25 days to make a difference
  • The importance of building global networks around the things you are passionate about…huge challenge…we can learn anything/anytime/anywhere if we have access. Classrooms are not irrelevant—yet. We have to rethink what we do, look at this world in a different way to understand what our new role is in kids’ lives. That change is coming whether we like it or not.
  • “We’ll need more people who believe in the same things that you do to donate less.” Read More
  • Ian Tomlinson’s assault by riot police
  • Surf the Channel
  • Era of Remix -
    • Mother of All Funk Chords - a compilation of videos that had nothing to do with one another.
    • Can’t live in a world where we criminalize most of what our children do.
  • ClueTrain Manifesto
  • Alvin Toeffler:
    • “In our book Revolutionary Wealth, we play a game. We say, imagine that you’re a policeman, and you’ve got a radar gun, and you’re measuring the speed of cars going by. Each car represents an American institution. The first one car is going by at 100 miles per hour. It’s called business. Businesses have to change at 100 miles per hour because if they don’t, they die. Competition just puts them out of the game. So they’re traveling very, very fast.
    • Then comes another car. And it’s going 10 miles per hour. That’s the public education system. Schools are supposed to be preparing kids for the business world of tomorrow, to take jobs, to make our economy functional. The schools are changing, if anything, at 10 miles per hour. So, how do you match an economy that requires 100 miles per hour with an institution like public education? A system that changes, if at all, at 10 miles per hour?”
  • New Study Shows Time Spent Online Important for Teen Development
  • The iPhone Could be the Ultimate Study Machine
  • Porn Filters no barrier for net users
    • (personal note from Miguel: This is great stuff!)
  • This applies to every person, every educator…
  • Fan Fiction -
  • Convergence Culture
  • Emily Goose - Reputation Management
  • MIT Courseware
  • RIP A Remix Manifesto
  • CK-12 Flexbooks - in use in Virginia?
  • NCTE Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment - Literacy has always been a collection of cultural and communicative practices shared among members of particular groups. As society and technology change, so does literacy. Because technology has increased the intensity and complexity of literate environments, the twenty-first century demands that a literate person possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, many literacies. These literacies—from reading online newspapers to participating in virtual classrooms—are multiple, dynamic, and malleable. As in the past, they are inextricably linked with particular histories, life possibilities, and social trajectories of individuals and groups.
  • 2009 Horizon Report - Key Trends
Note: One of the videos featuring Emily Goose that Will Richardson tried to share in his preso wouldn’t play. So someone on Twitter responded and shared a link to the video - As part of the workshop, Instructional Technology Coordinator Susan Morgan presented a video of senior Emily Goose explaining how technology has transformed her learning and prepared her to be successful in college.

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Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure