WordPress on iPhone

Since I'm now using an iPod Touch--more
info here
--I'm getting excited by the possibilities. One of them
includes facilitating blogs for admin. Imagine using Wordpress
blog on the iPhone

Introducing the first Open Source app that lets you write posts, upload
photos, and edit your WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
With support for both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (2.5.1 or
higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.
WordPress on iPhone app

Combine this with an iPhone/iPodTouch
friendly theme for Wordpress

The iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme automatically reformats your
blog’s content for optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.
It detects the iPhone/iPod touch’s User Agent and serves up the content
with the special theme only to iPhone and iPod touch visitors, all other
browsers will view your WordPress blog with your current theme.


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Michael said…
I really like the Wordpress application for iPhone. I heard that some updated features should be out in the next edition. Supposedly the new version will allow of management of Wordpress pages as well as comment control. We shall see!
Mr. RCollins said…
I prefer the WPTouch theme (http://www.bravenewcode.com/wptouch/) to reformat Wordpress for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

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