Seven Things About Me Meme

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(just joking)

So, here we make this quick and easy, I flipped through my Flickr photos to find stuff about my long lost past. Since I've done this kind of meme before, I tried to share a little bit about what each photo represents. I hope it worked!

1. Writing on the Edge - I was named after my grandfather, Miguel (shown above), who happened to be a politician (actually, mayor of the town) in Santiago, Panama. Apparently, his brother was a political writer who liked to rabble-rouse. My mother says that my writing talent comes from her side of the family, although it skipped her (she's a whiz in math, though). It turns out that writing on the edge--that is, writing that can get you fired or thought of as unpopular--is hereditary. Who knew?

2. I love to Fish. Since I grew up in the Republic of Panama, I spent my weekends at the beach. It was wonderful and sometimes, when I give myself a moment to reflect, a part of me cries for what is no more. While I seldom caught anything while fishing on the beach, I did have fun chasing the iguanas that inhabit the driftwood (tree trunks with root systems washed ashore so you have an idea of the size) and I can feel the water lapping at my toes.

3. I love Westerns. Like a lot of kids, I grew up wearing cowboy boots, packing a six-shooter, and the first thing I put on in the morning was my cowboy hat (although it's tucked under my arm in the photo above), and knew how to ride a horse by the time I was 5 years old...all this while living in Panama. It was destiny I would move to Texas at age 10, but once here, I'd outgrown my penchant for dressing as a cowboy. Instead, Louis L'Amour and Max Brand became my saddle partners.

4. Mud Slinger. When I was 5-8 years old (I forget now), a terrible storm ripped up the biggest tree I'd ever seen in the Canal Zone (Panama)--which was next to my house there--and the roots were incredible to see. Before the tree could be sliced up and hauled away, there were ample mud clots and I tossed mud balls (like snowballs) at my enemies, older boys who lived up the street. We had a lot of fun until one mud ball whacked me in the right eye, knocking me out...about the same time that my dad, a Canal Zone police officer came home from work. That was the end of my mud-slinging.

5. Fifth Grade Love. I'm not sure why--probably 'cause she was sweet--but I had a crush on my fifth grade teacher. You can see me to the far left of the photo on my knees. I've always been a bit shy...I recently found Colegio St. Mary's (Or St Mary's Catholic School) group on Facebook and I'm trying to track down old classmates pictured above. It's amazing what can 30 years later with a family slowly coming back together for a reunion after years of separation.

6. Culture Shock. When I first moved to Texas, I was 10 years old going on 11 and I suffered culture shock. I had no clue what life was like, what the kids were like, and had never been exposed to the raw information of a television newscast (e.g. murders per day). I spent my first night huddled under my covers listening to some murderer breaking into my bedroom window. It turned out to be some bushes next to the air conditioning unit. Being a well-prepared Panamanian boy, I whipped out my machete and those bushes were history. I didn't settle into Texas until I was in college...I wish I'd known what the heck culture shock was earlier.

7. Not a clue. One of the truly embarassing moments of my life--so I thought back then--was having to go to a military ball when was in high school JROTC. I'd never been to a formal dance before (it was my freshman year), and I was horribly shy. I ended up going on a blind date with the young lady above (Julie Furr--wow, she's on Facebook--was her name as I recall...frightening) and in retrospect, I feel sorry for her. I'm sure that I missed opportunities for entertaining her as she should have been (e.g. witty conversation), not to mention stepping on her feet. So, I offer my apologies to Julie if she ever sees this post and a picture she probably wished had never been taken (my kids laughed at me, BTW, just so you'll know the shame I had to suffer..."Dad, why did you wear those glasses?" (laugh)).

Well, that was easier than I thought! Of course, it's always easy to make a fool of oneself!! I'm going to randomly tag some of the people who I see on twitter.

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drezac said…
Wow! You look just like your grandfather! I also just spent an impromptu day in Panama City. The place is like Shanghai, they are building so much.

Thanks for being such a sport. Now if anyone ever asks you to do that again, you can just re-post.


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