Moodle-It ,TCEA!

Is it just me but is there a zeitgeist around Moodle use in Texas? It started a few days with this question:

Anyone use Moodle for staff development? If not what other open source software program can I use to track and deliver staff development?

Then, someone responded, "Maybe we can collaborate and share courses."
I chimed in with We use Moodle in my district as well. It would be great to see up a standard approach to course design so that we could share courses....I'd be happy to host a Moodle on our site to discuss such collaboration....

Then, someone else responded...We are beginning to use Moodle for staff development, as well. I would welcome a chance to learn from and share experiences with others who are doing this.

As a result, since someone suggested that the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) jump in and get this going...I wrote the following. The ideas were criticized as being too focused on administrivia. Thoughts?

Before we get too carried away (not a bad thing), I'd like for TCEA to clarify how this Collaborative Moodle work--since it will be hosted on TCEA's domain name--will be copyrighted/licensed. Ideally, I'm looking for Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-NonCommercial-
Attribution with all contributors credited (list their names within the course they contribute to), and course download and use rights for any educator, in Texas or not.

Working through the questions is important because, eventually, many districts in and out of Texas may choose to use the content. If TCEA or any one organization/individual holds the copyright for it, that would limit redistribution and use by other education entities.

Before I contribute to Collaborative Moodle Project, I'd like to see these questions addressed/discussed:
  • What role will TCEA play in this and how will that role affect copyright issues? If several education partners (e.g. school districts and/or ESCs) are contributing, I recommend a CC copyright with ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution license.
  • Will there be a steering committee to facilitate prioritizing courses--including identifying instructional design of the Moodle courses--to be created, or will everyone work on the projects they want to work on?
  • At what point do we judge a Moodle course to be "complete" enough to share with others? That is, to make available for download and implementation to the education community? Will the "education community" include any educator or education organization that wants to download it or will there be a move to limit access to only Texas education organizations?
  • What role will TCEA play in disseminating non-commercial, sharealike courses to school districts, including facilitating training of servers for Moodle (not hard but something that must be addressed)?
For me, this conversation echoes the excellent discussion occurring regarding podcasting at NECC 2009.

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Scott S. Floyd said…
Has any leader from TCEA made contact with anyone on this yet? BOD, state officer, interim exec. director? They remain awfully quiet all the time. Does "leader" still pertain?

Remember the good old days when Ron would call and ask what you meant by something you (read as I) posted? At least you knew he (or someone) was paying attention. I think I miss those days already. ;)

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