VisualHub and iSquint go OpenSource

Some time ago, I lamented that two great video converters for Mac OS had become suddenly extinct. Wes Fryer ( wrote:
This is TERRIBLE news. This is a primary tool we've used for the K-12 Online Conference. The Jodix converter is still available for Windows users, but what should Mac users use that is free besides FFmpegX? There are lots of web-based converters out there, but for real large files I think client-side software is better and certainly faster.
I failed to remind Wes that he shouldn't be using Jodix for Windows, but instead FormatFactory.

As to Mac, the news improved with this announcement that the creator of Visual Hub and iSquint had released the source code. The products have been renamed Film Redux and PunyVid, respectively. Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

...after considerable community outcry from people who loved (and had paid for) VisualHub, Tyler has now released the source code for two of his projects (with new names) online to a SourceForge repository. On Techspansion's homepage Tyler says 'these are new projects, with new names, ready for a new life with smarter people.'

The first project, known as FilmRedux is in pre-Alpha stage and there is little written information about the app available...

The other app called PunyVid is, according to the Readme.txt a 'simple iPod video converter program' and 'may look strangely familiar to you.' (a reference to iSquint). The ReadMe doesn't provide much more information except 'It's a new program with a new name, ready for others to give it a new life.'Until these new projects go live (neither app is available yet) Mac users will need to rely on other Video conversion programs.
Source: APC - Danny Gorog

We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, VLC Media Player may be the only video converter on the Mac that is free and will save us from the Apocalypse. ;->

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Wesley Fryer said…
This is FANTASTIC news, Miguel! I was catching up on my reading today and saw this post. I really do hope iSquint lives on... what a GREAT tool! Thanks for posting this. Clearly I need to spend more time here reading your blog. [grin]

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