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In anticipation of a podcasting workshop I'll be doing with folks in my school district, I've been looking for free, royalty-free music to share with others. Of course, folks will have to credit the creators and I've made plans for that, but I started the journey thinking, "There's just not that much free music out there people can use." Boy, was I wrong!

While you can find my list of free, royalty-free music in my wiki, the following are some new ones I stumbled upon tonight.

  • Incompetech.com - Keven MacLeod has done a great job of making his music available for free use (provided you credit him, of course). Over a gig of music is available for use in podcasts and other projects (e.g. digital storytelling).
  • Play It Free 100 Sample Sounds - Another collection of music that is safe to use provided you credit your source.
  • BeatSuite.com - A much smaller collection, but nice collection nonetheless.
  • Acid Planet's 8-Pack - An 8pack project is an ACID file that includes eight loops arranged into a song. 8pack projects illustrate how a song is constructed in ACID software, and how easy it is to combine loops from various Sony Sound Series™ Loops and Samples libraries. Every week there will be a new 8pack project to download — for Free!
  • Podsafe Audio - http://www.podsafeaudio.com/
  • Educast Network - http://educast.wikispaces.com

I'll be showing folks how to incorporate this into their podcasts and digital stories over the next few months...any suggestions on what else might be useful to share?

What is podcasting?

According to Nathan Lowell (WWWEDU list), podcasting is

…the process of delivering content via RSS feed and specialized aggregators known as “podcatchers.” The advantage of this mode of delivery is that it can be done on a schedule during a low-load period of computer usage. Typically, this content is audio, but it can be anything — text, video, even powerpoints.

After you’ve created the audio, you can put that audio on audio/mp3 players, CDs, which allow you the ability to listen to the audio away from the computer.


Great Examples of Podcasts and Vlogs

Cross-Platform Podcasting Software Tools

Podcast-Hosting Sites

  • Creating a Podcast with Online Tools
You can easily use free, web-based tools to create a podcast, as opposed to the more traditional use of Audacity, Acid, or Garageband.
  • Podcast People - PodcastPeople.com is a simple web-based service that allows individuals to create audio and video episodes, write blog posts, and interact with their audience. There’s no software to download and nothing to install, we take care of everything for you on the web. It’s that easy.
  • Gcast - Record podcasts by phone, mix in music, all for free.
  • Slapcast.com - Allows you to publish 3 audio files as podcasts, whether by uploading an MP3 file or calling a 1–888 number to record your podcast. After 3 podcasts, you have to pay $4.95 a month or subscribe to their service. Still, not a bad way to get started.
  • Clickcaster.com - Allows you to record/publish your podcasts, then sell them. Requires an account.
  • Odeo Studio - Allows you to create MP3 audio via a Web interface. You can also upload sound files, as well as record via phone. Includes syndication, etc.
  • OurMedia - If you insist on using Audacity and/or other tools, then you should consider OurMedia and Internet Archive. I use both for publishing my audio. In fact, here’s a write-up I did on FTPing my podcast to Internet Archive.
  • Internet Archive - Very easy to contribute audio if you’ve created it already (that is, you have an MP3 saved on your computer). Follow instructions to create an account and then use the CC Publisher tool, or go to the web site below to contribute.
  • Podomatic - Enables you to create and share your podcast. You can make it online or upload it (including FTP) to Podomatic.
  • PodChains - Allows you to store and organise online media such as podcasts and video.
  • Internet Radio Project
  • Jumpcut

Free Royalty-Free Audio Clips

  1. BeatSuite Download
  2. Incompetech.com
  3. WikiCommons Music
  4. Play It Free 100 Sample Sounds
  5. Partners in Rhyme Royalty Free Sound
  6. Wikipedia Sounds - Classical Music
  7. Creative Commons Audio
  8. Circuit Six
  9. Yahoo Creative Commons Search
  10. FreePlayMusic
  11. Internet Archive’s Open Source Audio
  12. OpSound: Open Sound Resource Pool
  13. CCMixter: Songs licensed for remixing
  14. The Free Sound Project
  15. Magnatune: Permits use of audio files in podcasts with attribution
  16. Penmachine Podcast: Free MP3 Instrumental Songs
  17. Acid Planet’s 8 Pack of Free Loops

Publicizing Your Podcast

Once you’ve created your podcast, a few shows recorded, I encourage you to let the world know about it. Below are 13 FREE services you can use to accomplish that. In reviewing the different services, I found 13 that met the following simple, criteria:

  • Easy and short;
  • Requires no account creation/money/MP3 promo clips; and
  • Not snobby.

If you know of any others I missed, please be sure to share below! Most of these will require you to have your RSS Feed and email address handy. Others may require a description and keyword/tags and/or selection of approriate category(ies).

  1. Blogdigger (Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!
  2. EveryPodcast.com (Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!
  3. GetaPodcast.com ( Add Cast): Just paste in your RSS feed and go!
  4. Podcast Alley ( Add Cast): Meets criteria. Description expected.
  5. Podcast.net (Add Cast): Meets criteria.
  6. Podcasting Station (Add Cast): Very easy. Just enter in your RSS feed, select two categories, and it does the rest of the work. Shows you a confirmation page.
  7. PodFeeder (Add Cast ): Meets criteria. Requires show name and a site URL (like your blog) in addition to RSS URL and category, tags required.
  8. PodFeed.net (Add Cast): Meets criteria. Requires title, feed link, web site, image logo url, category, description, host info, location, language, keywords/tags.
  9. Podscope.net (Add Cast):
  10. Podcast Pup (Add Cast): RSS URL and email
  11. PodLounge (Add Cast): RSS URL and email
  12. RSS Network (Add Cast): Meets criteria.
  13. Singing Fish (Add Cast): Meets criteria. RSS feed and email requested. They also followed up with an email thanking me for entering content.

Voice over IP

Synchronous (on at the same time)

Recording Skype

Asynchronous (on at different times)

Another possibility is the use of Springdoo. It has two distinct features, SpringMail and Springcast.

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Doug Taylor said…
Thanks for the mention Miguel. It is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Doug Taylor
General Manager
Moturoa said…
Thanks for the link to our blog/podcast. I will be great to get back into it when I get a class back next year.

It will be fun to see how it goes with a group of younger children who have never been exposed to recording voice before.


Allanah K

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