Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Put Yourself At Risk

Challenge yourself, put yourself at risk, take a chance on learning. Start a blog, take a moment to be introspective and share that introspection with a larger audience. But that isn't the way it works, is it? Consider this post by Peter Rock at GNUosphere in discussing acceptable use policy with a group of students:

Students must not transmit unauthorized, copyrighted works (such as movies, music, games, etc.) over the school network.
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking”, I said. “But let me be clear on one thing. Regardless of what you or I think of the ethics, the legality is something else. Many of you may have a solid argument as to why it should be OK to do this but the fact is, it’s illegal. Doing so is irresponsible and we can’t let you as it puts the school at risk.”. .Sorry to let the extremists down. This school won’t be used as a site for civil disobedience.

Don't put the school at risk. But isn't that what we challenge our teachers and students to do? While we're not looking to break the law, we do want to practice civil disobedience, don't we? I mean, when you encourage free software, aren't you advocating civil disobedience? And, is putting yourself at risk is a challenge. But, veteran educators know better...keep your mouth shut, do what you're told, let the higher-ups make the decisions and when they ask your opinion, remember you aren't being asked whether you support the idea, but how you think it will best get done. Reality sometimes is tough, and maybe all this talk about civil disobedience, of trying to change the world by connecting and collaborating with others...maybe that's so much hooey.

David Jakes writes Reality Bytes:

The reality is that the conversation is important. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and it’s frustrating, all at the same time. But sometimes the conversation forgets the reality of what needs to be accomplished, and what mainstream educators, educators who don’t blog, but grade papers, call parents, coach freshman basketball, tutor kids during their lunch period, and serve on two committees, face every day.

Yeah...let's get back to basics, let's not engage in civil disobedience...let's forget what Paulo Freire shared with us:

Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.

Are you about freedom, helping children deal critically and creatively with reality to transform their world, or are you about reality bytes?

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