TweetMeet: @OneNoteEDU #OneNoteQ on April 4th

What's a tweetmeet? An opportunity to have a panel of folks share their insights into a series of topics. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to participate in a tweetmeet organized by Marjolein Hoekstra (@onenoteC). Wow, what an awesome opportunity to connect with other educators serving as hosts, as well as the international community!

Topic: Embedding Content in !
I love the work Marjolein has done in organizing the TweetMeet, putting everything in a OneNote Notebook so everyone can collaborate on it. And, we also put together a Microsoft Sway featuring audio to capture the excitement! I had a bit of fun recording my doubt, the link to the Sway will appear in the days to come! For now, here's a teaser....
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Make eLearning Possible

As any teacher knows, truly engaging learning is social. Whether we share what we have learned with others or we undertake the learning journey together, little true learning occurs in isolation. Online learning environments that fail to create a social learning space will therefore fail. As educators, we have to be careful to avoid trying to engage students in online learning environments with face-to-face approaches as.the effects of F2F engagement methods may be different than what we expect. Here are some tips that may be helpful to you in facilitating online social learning. Tip #1 – Address the logistics of the course. Logistics can include how often students should login and participate in the course, assessment rubrics, etc. Take a moment to plan out your course, including elements like the ones found below:Craft a syllabus.Develop an assignment checklist.Streamline organization of the course by chunking or “modularizing” content. This makes it easy for learners to break off …

Narrated Images with Microsoft Sway

Ever created a podcast before? Now you can do so easily with Microsoft Sway.
You may not be aware of it, but Microsoft added some new features to the web version of MS Sway that make it ideal for audio-narrated images, also known as enhanced podcasts. Of course, Sway enables you to add tons of great content (e.g. Twitter streams, video, embedded content) aside from images and audio. This blog entry focuses on audio and images. Getting Started
Ready to get started recording with Sway? Follow the steps at the bottom of this blog post. For now, here are some of the features:Audio recording directly into SwayPre-record audio using Audacity, Voice Record Pro (iOS), or HiQ MP3 Recorder (Android) then import it into your Sway. The main benefit of this approach is that you can incorporate audio from free sources (e.g. Then you can edit your audio until you get it just the way you want it.You can adjust the Group and Design features of Sway to place your image and audio rec…

Why We Fail to Help Students @j_bimmerle

Earlier this year, I explored Professional Learning and Development research, suggesting a Professional Development Planner that could help others plan adult learning opportunities. When colleague John Bimmerle sent me this article, Why Good Professional Development Still Fails, I read it with avid interest.

The conclusion? Research showed that professional development, even when it followed the 7 principles of effective PD, did NOT impact student achievement.

Here are those research-supported principles:

Be an ongoing experience for educators that provide extended learning opportunities help them master new skills and instructional methods. These have a better chance at positively impacting student learning. (Gulamhussein; Darling-Hammond et al.)Be job embedded as much as possible so that what is learned can be applied in the classroom. (DeMonte; Darling-Hammond et al.)Provide support for teachers during the implementation stage of using a new instructional method in the classroom.  (…

Surviving Crazy "Leaders"

“Miguel,” a dear friend and colleague asked me, “Have you read the new superintendent’s book?” At my blank stare and smile, she pointed to the Simon Sinek book in her hand entitled, Leaders Eat Last. I felt my hackles rise as my instinctive dislike of mis-applied lessons from other fields made my gorge rise. “All it takes is all you got, Marine!” I said in a deeper voice, referencing the military story Sinek uses to start the book. Nearby colleagues gave us quick smiles. “Isn’t that the book that is about building a circle of trust, like in Meet the Parents?” As a technology director, your success often depends on how well you interact with the all-powerful person in the superintendent’s office. These seven tips will help you construct the elements of a positive conversation. Yet, ultimately, these tips alone will not be enough. You will need one final tip that takes a lifetime to develop, and you may not be up to it. Still, you must resolve to obtain it if you wish to remain a techn…

Calling All San Antonio, Austin Area @Adobe Learners!

Looking for hands-on learning on important Adobe products? Maybe you need some tips and tricks to streamline your workflow? Developing new workflows by learning through trial and error can take time you may not be able to spend. Instead, accelerate your Adobe learning and join TCEA members at the 2017 Adobe Academy! You will learn how to learn more, tweak your workflows for Adobe products, and get fresh ideas for teaching Adobe products to your students. Finally, you will build relationships with other educators who use Adobe. TCEA’s 2017 Adobe Academy will help you resolve a variety of issues. This two-day academy is designed specifically for those in the K-16 education arena who seek a better grasp of how Adobe tools can enhance their work. The Adobe Academy will take place June 20-21, 2017 at the  TCEA headquarters in Austin. This day will be packed full of helpful information that you can implement the next day at work. About Adobe Academy Sessions You’ll be able to choose from a…

Celebrate Old and New Friends! 2017 Must-Read #EdTech Blogs! @EdTech_K12

Wow, how tremendous to see so many Texans featured in The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs article by Meghan Bogardus Cortez (@megbcortez)!

Now, there are a lot of awesome folks on the list of 50, but I have to stop a moment and celebrate the fact that there are two Texas organization blogs (e.g. TCEA, Keller ISD) as well as 4 Texans! Woohoo!

TCEA's TechNotes Blog (@tcea): This features the creative efforts of my work colleagues, Lori Gracey, Dr. Bruce Ellis, Peggy Reimers, Diana Benner, and other TCEA team members! Way to go!Keller ISD Digital Learning Blog (@kellerisdpd): I regret that I don't read this blog myself, but will be adding them to my list of must-reads in my RSS aggregator! And then, there's my fellow Texans:Knikole Taylor (@knikole) - http://www.knikoletaylor.comTodd Nesloney (@techninjatodd) - "Shake Up Learning" Bell (@shakeuplearning) -
Finally, what …