Stir the Depths: Writing and Thinking

In this EdWeek article, the author (Marva Hinton) begins with the following quote from Mighty Writers Mission web page:
To write with clarity, you have to think clearly first. My opening line to the article would have been different:
To express yourself with clarity, write first. "Writing." says author Isabel Allende, "is always giving some sort of order to the chaos of life."

Write first. When you write first, you are able to order the chaos from which creativity emerges, often shy and silent, or bold and beautifully obnoxious. . .and every sparkle or shade in between. As a writer, I've seen others explore their ideas aloud, not unlike a writer struggling for the right words. Unfortunately, words spoken aloud are often lost. A speaker, shaping ideas aloud in thin air, must keep his ideas simple, to the point or lose the listener.

A writer disgorges a detritus of ideas, form the flow, filtering and clearing away the non-essential. Then, seeking fresh ideas, pic…

4 Tips for Discovering Cloud Service Outages

Wait, you didn't know your favorite cloud service was down? While many of us rely on a negative experience to clue us in that our beloved cloud service is down, there are other approaches we can take to find out.

Approach #1 - Negative Experience
I experienced this firsthand today, as I was attending the Internet of Things (IoT) Action with Microsoft (follow the hashtag at #iotinactionms) and trying to save my audio recordings to OneDrive. I found wondering, "Who else is suffering this?"

Approach #2 - Internet Search Engine
Not surprisingly, a two second internet search on your favorite engine may get you some information. For example, I stumbled on my OneDrive outage pretty quickly!
DownDetector tracks more than just Microsoft, though. You can see their complete list here and may be much more effective tool to use than just doing an internet search. Some of my favorites include Amazon, Apple App Store, Blogger (perish the thought that my blog platform would suffer an outag…

Texas Virtual School Network #Grant

Note: This blog entry originally published at you a public rural school or open-enrollment charter? Then you may want to review the eligibility requirements for a new Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) grant. The grant will be available in the summer of 2017 with the online application, negotiation, and award processes taking place during that time. All awards will be done by mid-August 2017.
How to Indicate Your InterestIf you are interested in applying for the grant, be sure to complete the required task and budget templates. When complete, return to by 5:00 p.m. CST, April 24, 2017. You will be asked to provide primary contact information, a proposed timeline, and a budget. The latter two most follow the supplied templates for each item.Eligibility RequirementsRural schools must meet three criteria. The first is that they designate staff for “key student-support roles.” The second is that they set student expectations and readiness. The…

Recording Audio/Video on #iOS #edtech

“I love using my iPhone for on-the-go audio and video recording, but the built-in mic just isn’t doing the job. What can I use to better record audio for those critical interviews?” Every TCEA event, I find myself reaching for my iPhone to record audio and video and snap photos of people I’m having conversations with. And I try to take a fresh look at the tools I’m using. This past TCEA conference, I decided to try several tools for recording audio/video on my iOS device.
Come along with me as I share my journey finding iPhone microphones and apps that work well at a distance. And, please, if you have your own solution that works, share it in the comments below. Audio Recording ToolsWhat is a problem that stumps amateurs like me? The answer is recording at a distance. When you’re standing next to someone, it’s not a big deal to get great audio. When you’re five to six feet away, however, then things start to get a bit tougher. Here are two great mics that can help you capture better …

Managing Smart Tech #iot #cybersecurity #security

How are you managing smart technologies? Are you prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT) onslaught of fifty billion devices by 2020? That’s less than three years away! Forty-six percent of K–12 and higher ed Chief Technology Officers believe that smart technologies, including the IoT devices, will have a major impact on education. 
Join us at TCEA for a facilitated conversation with experts, vendors, and your peers regarding the Internet of Things, the management of smart technologies in schools, and planning tips to ensure successful implementation.Mark Your Calendars! The 2017 TCEA Technology Leadership Summit is scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2017. Register now for this one-time learning opportunity. Managing Smart Technologies Some of the smart technologies include interactive whiteboards, copiers, video cameras, tablets, smart HVAC systems, electric lighting/maintenance, temperature sensors, attendance tracking, and wireless door locks. These are just a few of the many IoT devi…

#Free Keynote: Celebrate E2 Educator Exchange @MicrosoftEDU #E2 #edtech #txed

Not able to attend the incredible Microsoft Education Exchange (E2) event in Toronto, Canada? No problem! Tune in on Day 2 of the event (March 22nd) to view/listen to the live-stream of the keynote!

Microsoft’s E2 – Education Exchange is opening its doors and inviting all educators to join us on March 22, 2017, at 9:00a.m. EDT! This FREE, online event is designed to provide insight into the latest trends in education. We invite you to learn from education thought leaders, innovative educators, and students – to be the change in your school or system and make what’s next! Presenting during the online event:Be inspired by founder of, Craig Kielburger, who will share ideas on how to empower students to develop a lifelong passion for service to affect positive change in the world. You’ll learn about the WE Schools program giving students and schools the tools they need to take social action, empower others, and transform lives.Discover how online learning technologies will be able …

Call for Proposals - Adobe Academy 2017 #txed #edtech #adobe

Are you an Adobe expert? Consider sharing some of your expertise with others at the TCEA 2017 Adobe Academy (June 20-21, 2017). The call for proposals is open now for innovators like you!

I invite you to present at the TCEA 2017 Adobe Academy where you can help other educators benefit from your experiences, whether your session ranges from beginner to intermediate and/or advanced.

The TCEA 2017 Adobe Academy Call for Proposals is open now through May 12, 2017. We hope you will be among the many who present, and/or learn, at the Academy! Don’t wait until the last minute….

Submit a proposal to TCEA 2017 Adobe Academy

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